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Robust Taxonomy Tools & Report Builder

Easily generate and review taxonomies,
tag and validate instance documents and more.

UBPartner’s taxonomy solutions are easy to work with and offer powerful features to help you get the job done. Our tools incorporate the full validation and processing capabilities of the XBRL Engine to ensure that your reports are always fully compliant with the relevant rules and standards.

Key Features

Taxonomy Generator

Design and generate XBRL taxonomies from other file formats, including Excel, as well as enable full taxonomy validation and verification, with our advanced taxonomy generator.

Taxonomy Explorer

Review and maintain your XBRL taxonomies in our advanced and intuitive user interface that offers multiple views, such as concept relationships, calculations, languages, and properties, that sync in real time.

Report Builder

Our Report Builder provides a powerful visual XBRL mapping tool for Microsoft Excel and Microsoft Word, enabling finance teams to map, validate and generate XBRL or inline XBRL documents for annual financial reports.

Mapping Generator

Automatically generate templates directly from the Taxonomy, using the Presentation Linkbase or Table Linkbase. We deliver a mapping XML file, so you can generate XBRL or inline XBRL files using XBRL conversion tools.

Processing Engine SDK

The XPE Software Development Kit (SDK) provides a range of sample code and a complete set of Application Programming Interfaces (APIs) for taxonomy navigation and editing, instance document creation and editing and XBRL document transformation.