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Annual reports are about painting the right picture of the company and its financial position to investors and stakeholders.

Listed companies filing annual reports under the new ESEF regulations are facing a significant challenge.

ESEF Reporting starts in 2021 and the potential for reputational damage resulting from quality issues in the reported information is high amongst listed companies' concerns.

Actuelia and UBPartner combine to simplify the production of ORSA Supervisory, SFCR and RSR reports by using the wealth of regulatory XBRL data as the platform for further analysis.

The deadline for many European banks to deliver a compliant European Banking Authority (EBA) COREP report in XBRL is now only weeks away.

UBPartner (www.ubpartner.com) confirmed today that its XBRL Toolkit (XT) supports the new EIOPA Pension Fund taxonomy, SRB's Liability Data Report (LDR) and Single Resolution Fund (SRF) taxonomies.

In this first part of this series, Lise Chorques reviews the challenges for listed companies across Europe preparing for the European Single Electronic Format (ESEF) reporting and recommends that companies must adopt the right approach to safeguard their reputation given that other similar XBRL reporting frameworks, like the US SEC appear to suffer from high levels of errors.

UBPartner, a leading XBRL software developer, and Ginini Antipode, an expert in accounting and financial reporting systems, announced that they have partnered to provide a range of services and software that helps listed companies report under the European Single Electronic Format (ESEF) framework.