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Supporting ESMA’s European Single Electronic Format (ESEF)

Enhance your business reporting and quickly produce ESEF documents

XT ESEF: from the taxonomy generation to the creation of a conform xHTML Annual Report

Most ESEF Vendors’ Approach

  • Starts with the final layout and content laid out in
    final form
  • Tagging on Unstructured document
  • Taxonomy and extensions built-in real- time
  • Validation at end of process


UBPartner’s Approach

  • Starts with the information the company wants to report
  • Tagging in structured environment, e.g. Excel
  • Extension Taxonomy built and tested before document creation
  • Validation at all stages in the process


Assess your current reporting processes and implement the new mandate to significantly improve the quality of your financial reporting. XBRL validation helps ensure the accuracy of your data at every step of the process and compliance with the reporting rules.

The ESMA ESEF is a new regulation mandating that companies listed in the EU’s stock exchanges have to prepare their annual financial reports in xHTML and those containing consolidated IFRS financial statements need to be marked up using XBRL tags.

At UBPartner, we believe in creating the extension taxonomy at first rather than tagging the final document because it might lead to generating an error-prone ESEF report — which will lead to spending numerous hours tracking errors and starting the process from scratch.

Our international-certified XBRL software XT ESEF provides a full set of features for filers to create a consistent ESEF reporting, for auditors to review the iXBRL tagging and for regulators to validate the collected data.