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The Last Mile of CRD4 and SRB Reporting

Provide EBA CRD4 and SRB reports in the XBRL
format with our simple and effective software tools.

Improve the accuracy of the data you submit while increasing automation and reducing costs. With our flexible template approach and taxonomy management interface, updating to new versions is quick and easy. UBPartner provides a full range of summary and detailed validation reports to help you locate and fix issues fast.

Working together with European Financial Services supervisors, we’ve developed a range of tools that help reduce the time and effort of complying with new requirements as well as the risk associated with adopting new technology.

Pre-Mapped Templates

Our solution offers pre-mapped Excel-based templates and the tools to convert and validate them into XBRL. As compliance rules change, you will have access to the most up-to-date templates.

Familiar Interface

The UBPartner tools and templates can be integrated into an existing application as a simple batch program or via a full set of APIs. You can also add our tools to the Excel environment.

Rapid Deployment

We intentionally designed our Toolkit to have a small IT footprint, so it can be rapidly deployed and extended to link to existing data sources or integrated into existing applications, without expensive license costs.